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VAT Refund Submission

VAT Refund Submission

Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds can be a valuable financial opportunity for businesses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds can be a valuable financial opportunity for businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At Tulpar, we specialize in assisting businesses with the accurate and timely submission of VAT refund claims, ensuring that you can recover the VAT you’re entitled to.

Unlocking VAT Refunds

In the UAE, businesses can be eligible for VAT refunds under specific circumstances, such as when they incur more input tax (VAT on expenses) than output tax (VAT on sales). To benefit from VAT refunds, it’s crucial to navigate the complex process of VAT refund submission accurately.


Our VAT Refund Submission Services

We offers comprehensive support for businesses seeking to claim VAT refunds:

  • Eligibility Assessment: We assess your business’s eligibility for VAT refunds based on your transactions and activities.
  • Data Collection: We assist in gathering and organizing all relevant financial data, including invoices, receipts, and transaction records.
  • VAT Calculation: Our VAT experts calculate the eligible VAT refund amount by reconciling input tax and output tax.
  • Refund Claim Preparation: We prepare and complete the VAT refund claim, ensuring that all required information is accurate and compliant with regulations.
  • Submission: We submit the VAT refund claim to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on your behalf, adhering to submission deadlines and requirements.
  • Communication: We handle all communications with the FTA regarding your refund claim, addressing inquiries and ensuring a smooth process.