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Tulpar Taxation Procedures Follow Up stands as a premier company in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai specialized in taxation, accounting, and auditing services. Our team of dedicated professionals is licensed by the Federal Tax Authority and is fluent in multiple languages. With extensive expertise in UAE tax laws and auditing, we have been delivering top-notch services to a diverse clientele, including corporations, individuals, diplomatic entities, and international organizations. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses tax agency support, tax consultation, auditing, accounting, preparation of financial and tax reports for legal proceedings, financial analysis, financial studies, and feasibility studies. Additionally, we operate a training centre catering to accountants and tax... Read More!


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Corporate Tax

Corporate tax is a levied tax on a company's profits, typically calculated as a...

Listing with Tax Agency

Listing your business with a tax agency is a strategic move that can offer...


Taxation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a topic of significant interest...

Accounting Services

Accounting services encompass a range of financial activities, including...

Auditing Services

Auditing services involve an independent assessment and verification of...

Banking Services

Banking services encompass a wide array of financial offerings, including...

Debt Collection Services

Debt collection services specialize in recovering unpaid debts on behalf of...

Other Services

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance services ensure businesses adhere to...

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We are driven by a vision to become the industry leader across the Middle East and a mission to deliver tailored solutions for clients' financial success and compliance needs.

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